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SKU: SCN51111
Rated: X
Duration: 16 minutes



It's the first time for Laddie Lynn who has double-K boobs and a sunny personality, the best combination. Her name is pronounced "Lady." Laddie discovered herself. A guy thought she'd be a good fit for XL Girls and encouraged her to send an email with some pictures. She took the advice.

"I already had a lot of pictures because I like taking selfies so it was just a matter of attaching a few photos to the email," said Laddie. "I often use a ten-second timer so I can get into the pose I want. Your studio answered me in a few hours."

Laddie chats with our cameraman outside, then heads inside to show us what she's got under her tight top and skirt. What she's got is very impressive and hard-on producing. Her prominent nipples are very pointy and she has a beautiful body. We get to see her from a low angle, shooting up, as she plays with her very pliable boobs and moves her panties to the side to show her pussy. The view is very pleasurable! A web-cam model, Laddie is no stranger to boob play the way she tugs, bounces, swings, smacks and rubs her twin ladies.

Welcome aboard, Laddie Lynn.


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