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SKU: SCN45917
Rated: X
Duration: 21 minutes



Jordan Pryce is in the pink. Pink stockings, pink garter belt, pink panties, sheer pink top, pink bra, pink pussy. Pink suits Jordan.

"I love sexy, tight, little clothes and outfits which show off my perfect, big boobs to maximum effect. I like to dress up in uniforms. At home I walk around naked. I have many fetishes. I masturbate often, secretly! I know how to turn myself on."

Last seen fucking in a bowling alley ("Bowling For A Boning"), Jordan is a total fuck doll. She calls herself that name. It does have a nice ring to it. Ya gotta love a girl who lays all her cards on the table.

"Every summer, I go to this naturist place in the south of France, and I walk around naked. It's good fun. I have had sex there, too. I have had sex on the beach there, and people were watching. I loved that! That is one of the reasons I decided to become a porn star, so people could watch me having sex. It makes me very excited. One of my fetishes is being watched while I'm having sex."

Oh, one last thing...

"I spit on my boobs and I do swallow."

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