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Roxanne Miller is back at XL Girls in her first scene since she joined Lavina Dream, Jennica Lynn and Vanessa Y. for the super-group shoot in the Dominican Republic, XL Girls On Location. Plus Roxanne chats on-camera in a separate Bonus Interview, "Chesty Charmer." We have some catching up to do with Roxanne who is enjoying a cocktail at our favorite pub in Prague, Czech Republic.

XLGirls: Hello, Roxanne! Or should we say Hola! Welcome back. What is your favorite memory from the trip to the Dominican Republic with The SCORE Group?

Roxanne: I was visiting the city (Puerto Plata), while the girls were at the villa, so I was the only white chick with big boobs within a half-mile radius and I attracted a lot of attention. All the guys were like "Hola, bonitaaa!" and I was like "Hola, que taaaal!" Another thing that I remember with a smile on my face was when I was reading the newspaper one morning and the guys in the crew were like, "What are you doing? Looking at pictures?" So in the end, I read the newspaper out loud and translated from Spanish to English. Oh! And on one of the nights, I cooked a delicious dinner for the team. Tomato soup with croutons and potato stew and everybody enjoyed it! There were funny bloopers that make me smile. I remember on the first morning, I went to the kitchen to make coffee, and instead of powdered milk, I poured flour. The Dominican Republic was an adventure and I enjoyed every second of it.

XLGirls: Do you have any favorite photo shoots and videos from there?

Roxanne: The pin-up ("Roxanne's Big Balcony") is definitely my favorite. But I love all of them. The team made all of us feel like pampered princesses!
Tags: BBW, Redhead, Solo


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