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SKU: SCN49143
Rated: XXX
Duration: 15 minutes



This 23-year-old student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is 5'3", weighs 117 pounds, wears 32B bras and prefers thongs or boy shorts. She said she used to have full pubes until one wet weekend a few years ago she shaved some of it off, ending up with the look she has now. That night, her guy went down on her, and the before and after difference in what she felt was so great that she's stayed semi-shaved ever since.

Kaylee doesn't have a man in her life right now, so she decided to, "give myself an intimate present by screwing a real stud to experience what sex with a talented lover is like. Some girls might get a massage: I wanted more than that. I love giving blow jobs, both before and after screwing," said Kaylee. "I mean, I'll blow a guy to get him harder and in the mood to screw me after he's gone down on me and gotten me off. If he wants to go all the way then and cum, that's okay with me. We can wait till he's hard again to fuck. I'll certainly let him cum in my mouth and I swallow most of the load. Then, if a guy wants to cum in my mouth when we're fucking and I've cum, that's okay with me, too. Though why he'd want to do that and not cum inside me, I can't understand. But, hey, it's his orgasm. I can usually cum a couple of times when I'm fucking if the guy has good self-control. I'll tell you, if he's a 30-second wonder, he certainly won't get an invite for a repeat performance from me.

Screwing E--as I called him--was so much more exciting than I'd figured it was gonna be," said Kaylee. "I got really turned on and I wanted to screw so bad. My favorite way to cum is doggie-style, but we screwed all sorts of ways as you can see, and I had my first orgasm when I was riding E's dick. Yeah, I said orgasms because I had three before E pulled out of me and I sucked him off. It was only then that I really became aware of the photographer. Before that I'd been looking at him as we got it on, but it wasn't really registering that we were being watched. I think that the whole NN staff could have been watching us and I would still have had an awesome time and had orgasms."


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