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SKU: SCN49208
Rated: XXX
Duration: 20 minutes



Hot dogs, wet pussies and even a creampie. Way to go....
"I don't have a guy in my life any more, just an ex," said Aliha. "He was cheating on me even while he was encouraging me to pose solo for NN. I actually caught him screwing a bimbo in the back of his car and I dumped his ass right away. I'm sure he still reads the mag, so that and curiosity is why I decided I wanted to fuck one of the studs."

"It was a day of firsts for me," said Allison. "My first fuck with an honest-to-god stud, my first-ever fuck outdoors and the first time I'd done it with another couple there and going at it as well. And one more thing it was the first time I've ever cum twice while screwing! That was an incredible bonus to end out a truly unbelievable experience that I'll never forget. I'm all about experiencing new things when it comes to sex, and being with a stud, screwing outdoors and having another couple on hand were all exciting new things for me. I want more of all of them!

"I'd never watched another couple having sex before and I got so horny and wet while I was watching Aliha and Enzo that it was embarrassing. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy and I could hardly wait till it was my turn to fuck. I orgasmed after Shaggy and me had been screwing for a few minutes: it snuck up on me. I'm kinda used to having guys come right after me because they can't hold on, but he just kept on doing me and doing me till he finally lost control. That was amazing.

"Aliha and me were still super-sexed up when we were done screwing and we were quite prepared to get into some girl-girl loving, but the camera guy said that wasn't on his assignment list," said Allison. "So I'm gonna have to wait to get my first taste of fresh pussy and being eaten out by another girl." Aliha agreed, "Allison's puffy, wet puss looked so appealing that I wanted to get a taste of it and finger it, but the camera guy was the boss, so we had to get dressed instead. I would have been just as happy to change partners and ride Shaggy's dick to another orgasm or two, and I'm sure Allison would have been up for some more action for that tight, teen puss of hers."

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