Isa Gomez Takes Over SCORELAND

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Duration: 26 minutes
Isa Gomez Takes Over SCORELAND
"Hi, guys!" says bubbly and bouncy Isa Gomez. "I really want to play. Come with me and let's keep having a good time. The color of this lingerie looks perfect with my skin color."

Isa (pronounced E-Sa) debuted at XLGirls. Now she makes her SCORELAND debut. Her natural breasts are spectacular. Heavy-hanging and pliable. Perfect for swinging, clapping and self-sucking. Isa is a smiler and loves to have fun.

Isa is a popular girl in the Colombian big-bust model community. Her circle of friends include Mer and Angie Bravo.

"Here in Colombia, it is difficult for me to buy bras. My breasts are very large, very juicy and very fleshy. I buy regular bras off the rack. I don't require special ones, but they are hard to find in my size. I need to have a lot of support because my breasts are so heavy, as you can see."

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