Domestic Bliss With Joana Bliss

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Rated: XXX
Duration: 27 minutes
Domestic Bliss With Joana Bliss
It's domestic bliss with Joana Bliss, one of the glory girls of SCORE and Voluptuous. Adonis knows he's not going to get any reading done with Joana doing house chores in a skimpy outfit just a few inches away. And Joana knows the effect she creates. Adonis puts the book away and reaches out for her celestial body and huge naturals boobs. A monk couldn't read with Miss Bliss in the house.

When we asked Joana if a lot of her fans had been asking her to go full-sex on-camera, her reply was "It was more my wish, but I also thought that their reaction would be a positive one, I am also in a more provocative position for men who admire me as a woman."

A major Joana fan named Dave wrote, "I cannot thank you guys enough for bringing my long-time dream of Joana Bliss doing boy-girl to reality. The clips she did far exceeded my expectations and were just off the rails scorching hot! Keep up the great work."

Don't thank us. Thank the great Joana Bliss.

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