All four of Diane Poppos' sex-drenched home movies in one volume! Now in one big collection, all the hardcore XXX-rated home videos of America's bustiest housewife. These are the videos that originally brought the Texas homemaker to the attention of the boob-lovin' publishers of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines. Diane's breast-crazed ex-husband treats her like his personal fuck property. Contains Diane Poppos' Leg, Foot & Smoking Video, Diane's Exercise & Swimming Video, My Ex-Wife Diane & Her 44HHH Tits and The Best Of Diane. As a DVD extra, we included a video interview with Diane conducted at SCORE.

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Rated: XXX
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The Diane Poppos Collection
By Dirty Bob

One of the most eagerly anticipated releases for fans of naturally huge breasted women is this DVD devoted entirely to Diane Poppos.

Why is it special? For fans of busty babes, that is like asking why is the Mona Lisa considered special. It isn?t just because she is too darn large on top; there is also something likeable about her personality that just begs for attention. The fact that Diane is from Texas, where everything is big, just adds to the story.

Here is a woman who, at 17 years of age, was so flat-chested (an A Cup) that she wore t-shirts without drawing any attention. Then, a year later by the ripe old age of 18, she blossomed into an incredibly-endowed naturally-busty beauty with hooters the same size of this reviewer's head! That makes my head (and her boobs) a size 34H.

This tit-bit of information is revealed in the DVD in an interview section that is 38 minutes and reveals just about everything you could possibly want to know about this hot Texas homemaker.

The tapes are titled The Best of Diane, My Ex-Wife Diane & Her 44HHH Tits, Diane's Exercise and Swimming Video and Diane Poppos' Leg, Foot, & Smoking Video. Each includes its own special appeal.

The first segment, The Best of Diane, is 42 minutes of pure chesty fun.

It begins in a place most viewers would love to spend with her: in bed. Diane is apparently fast asleep, so her joker of a (then) husband wakes her by coating her hand with whipped cream. He then tickles her face, she responds by scratching the tickled area with the creamed hand, and the result is a messy facial that only studs in the business could otherwise provide.

He then shows her lying, nude, on a table as he takes scoops of freezing ice cream and rubs them on her chest. Chocolate syrup and whipped cream is added to the sexual menu, and the lucky stiff eats it right off her shivering bosom. The chocolate is reapplied to her tits, and he sucks it right off her pointy nipples. It was never clarified as to whether the nips were hard due to excitement or cold.

Diane then takes matters into her own hands and slowly, sensually rubs the confection into her massive mammaries with long, lingering caresses just the way she like to touch herself.

Poppos then lies back on a bed where she tunes a noisy vibrator to her sexual impulses. Her pussy is soon soaked, and her husband, all the while wearing a goofy baseball-style hat, moves it aside to insert a banana into her pussy. He manages to get this peeled delight in and out intact, so he then snacks on it while she continues this external stimulation. The scene ends with her literally burying a huge cucumber up her snatch.

OK, enough with her being seen on screen while reclined in a way that doesn't really show off her big breasts! The next segment has this lusty lady starting out by apparently being the loser in a game of strip poker. Seated at a table with playing cards, Diane (who admits to being very drunk) lets hubby do a tequila shot off her boobs (it takes a lot of tequila to coat these big puppies).

He coaxes this inebriated babe into doing topless jumping jacks where her flesh rises and smacks into her face. She then swings these pendulous twins back and forth until they make a slapping noise.

Diane then brings in a bathroom scale and actually weights her boobs for the camera. The accuracy is questionable, but comparable to the weight of a bowling ball.

Next scene: a wet t-shirt fan's fantasy come to life. He takes a bucket of ice water and throws it against her chest which, although covered by a thin shirt, soon lets nature take its course and Poppos' nipples pop out.

Enough tit-teasing. This short segment abruptly ends to show lucky hubby in pure hardcore action as he rams his dick into her from behind. This lasts for a minute or two, but viewers will probably be more envious by what his hand is doing: rhythmically squeezing and playing with her left breast. That he has more than a handful is a given; he can't even begin to cover all of this soft, pliable flesh.

He then lies on his back and Diane straddles him and rides him with her back to the camera. You can't see it, but his hands are obviously groping the globes that are inches from his face. This ends with her blowing and jacking him off.

Fortunately for us Diane Poppos appears to always be nude, or at least topless, when caught on tape. One of the rare times this isn't the case is when she actually does a reverse strip and goes from topless to fully clothed as she models a see-through elegant and clinging black dress which, when the light hits it just right, shows off her entire body with obvious emphasis on her mighty chest. It isn't easy maneuvering these braless boobs into position when the dress is tight, but she somehow manages to just grab a hold of these whoppers and put them in place.

The remainder of this clip from Best of video has plenty of sexual appetizers for her fans. Diane later peels off a dress to reveal one of those heavy-duty, industrial-strength reinforced bras that are capable of containing and supporting the good stuff. She takes it off and lies back on a couch, a movement which causes her breasts to move like waves. Speaking of waves, after she jogs around the backyard a bit, they sneak in a quickie as she lies on her back and Mr. Baseball Cap plunges away as he plays with her swaying boobs.

Topless dishwashing and vacuuming are everyday events at the Poppos' Manse, but listening to Diane talk on the phone to her mother-in-law while topless and sucking on her own breast was a hoot. A hooter hoot. The sparkle in her eyes that showed her knowing that she was getting away with something was priceless.

The next video is also quite long, about 40 minutes, and is titled Diane's Exercise & Swimming Video. This married couple apparently has a great home, and she is seen lying at poolside. As they engage in small talk, Diane takes off her bikini top and carefully coats her breasts with suntan oil. She takes her time doing it, and while they talk about tittie fucking, he zooms in for some great close-ups of her glistening skin from head to toe. He appears especially glad to capture her squeezing her boobs together and really likes it when they rub together in her arms.

Olympic divers have nothing to worry about when Diane takes to the diving board and plunges in the cool water head first. Her natural Mae Wests bring her quickly to the surface and, when she lies on her back, they keep this admitted non-swimmer afloat. The pool also has a hose, possibly topping off the water level for this topheavy woman, which she uses to stimulate and bounce off her bosom.

From here the camera really concentrates on the way her huge breasts interact with the water. They float, bob, and gently move with the currents. She seems particularly fond of the water jets in the pool.

The viewer has to remember that this is apparently shot as a husband and wife for their own private library. The fact that hubby is unquestionably a boob man makes things ever better. He knows how to show off, and move and position, her super-sized chest in the best ways. For example, he gets her back on the diving board where she spends a while simply jumping on the board. This causes exceptional boobage movement and he even encourages her to bounce the boobs into her face again and again. Talk about getting slap-happy!

She does a lot more breast fondling and swimming and self nipple sucking followed by actual jump rope action in slow motion. She then cleans the pool with a leaf skimmer and, very playfully, tried to capture her boobs in the net.

Solo fun is over. Hubby then spends an enviable amount of time fondling and squeezing her boobs and lightly slapping them as he jiggles them around in his oily hands and sucks them with his lips.

Time to go inside and see the workout that Jane Fonda never released. Poppos, attired in an exercise outfit suitable for the local gym, indulges in a lot of warm-up movements. She has to loosen up everything, so she removes the top and pulls on her nipples until they are quite stretchy.

Diane, top back on, follows the directions heard on an exercise on television. She adds her own touch and does most of it topless. The combination of movements from aerobics and step exercises on unrestrained, extra-large breasts, results in a voyeur's goldmine of moving mammalia.

All of this workout leaves her tired and sweaty, so she takes a sudsy shower which mainly shows close-ups of her boobs. Refreshed, she bids everyone good-bye.

The next 44 minute video on this awesome DVD is called My Ex-Wife Diane & Her 44HHH TitsIt starts with Diane, wearing a red missile bra, dancing to rock music. This little part, which ends with her top off and nipple sucking, soon gives way to more action as hubby is treated to a long blow job. He whacks off on her tits, and she rubs his cum into her chest until it is no more than a memory.

This is a double hitter for fans of big, busty babes who shave in a hot shower. With the help of a razor, Diane eliminates most of her short and curlies in the tub, masturbates in bed with toys and a vibrator, and then models negligees for the camera. She then brings back the whipped cream, coats her chest with the white stuff, and he then gets carried away and squirts a bunch on her pussy which he then eats and fingers. Since they are already sticky, they screw one another from various positions all the while he holds her breast like an anchor as he pounds away. A very little bit of tittie fucking tops off this quickie.

Yes, she can also cook topless, too! Watching her breasts shake as she scrambles eggs and talks dirty is a great way to start the day.

Diane also takes a sudsy bath and lets the running water stimulate her pussy. Squeaky-clean, she then bends over and lets him sneak in a quick anal. This is followed by a shower which emphasizes cleaning her hanging breasts.

The last part is about 40 minutes long and is Diane Poppos' Leg, Foot, & Smoking Video.

This one is more commercially-oriented. Diane has herself fixed up with perfect make-up and lighting and, accompanied to a music background fortunately not even thought of in her previous home movies, spends the duration smoking and playing and sucking her own toes while showing off her legs and feet for fans of these particular appendages. Hose and garter belts are seen on, and while being removed, from this otherwise nude woman.

She enjoys a good cigar, and sucks away on a few lit ones while talking and acting suggestive. Blowing smoke really sexily across her large breasts will take the breath away from fans of smoking, busty women.

One particularly humorous part shows her trying on bras supposedly given to her to wear by some of her viewers. None are even close enough to covering her massive melons, and what is seen is plenty of tit-flesh sticking out from the sides of the cups. Nice try, though.

Diane also does a little POV skit where she plays a private dancer to talk to, flirts with, and strips for a heavily-tipping customer.

The interesting thing about this video centering on feet, legs, and smoking is that it does just that and any attention to her big breasts is almost incidental. She also tosses in some filler now and then, but viewers who like the theme of this part will be enthralled with her dedication to these other parts of her anatomy.

Earlier, her lengthy interview portion was briefly mentioned. It is an extremely relaxed, informal question-and-answer time with Diane Poppos looking gorgeous, stunning, and topless. The camera frequently zooms in to center on her boobs, and SCORE's editors even sweet-talk her into jumping up and down a few times to really stir up the scene.

She comes across in the interview as a fun-loving, honest, and highly sexual woman who says she kinda fell into the modeling aspect when her videos created a fan base across the country.

One other special bonus part of the DVD is a still gallery with photos of this very busty woman. The photographs, from various Score photo shoots, are well-made and very explicit.

Watching legendary big boob star Diane Poppos in this particular DVD is a treat. Over 200 minutes of actual footage, from amateur tease and hardcore to still images and an in-depth interview, make this an exceptionally pleasing product that her fans, and fans of all busty babes, will appreciate for years to come.
Movie Format:
Rated: XXX
Duration: 174 minutes


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