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More XXX debuts than any other mag, year after year, issue after issue. We take our mission to provide you with fresh newcomers from every walk of life very seriously. In our September '18 issue we've got redheads, black chicks, MILFs, Asians, blondes, brunettes and every other kind of newbie you want to fuck. Little brace-face Lexi fits our biggest stud's cock in her tiny, wet slit...barely. Punk rocker Cedella fills her mouth and cunt with another fat dick, and innocent-looking dick-tease Daisy goes for a ride on another stud's fuck hammer. Plus, a redheaded Bush Baby, porno sisters and outdoor nudists.

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Valery is a 20-year-old blonde from Avignon, France. She's got tiny tits and puffy nips. Her boyfriend's family owns a summer home, and that's where she shot her very first nude photos.

Cedella is from Dallas, Texas. She's got dyed hair, a couple of tattoos, and a "fuck you" attitude. She might not be everybody's cup of tea, but when she slobbers on our stud's cock and whimpers to the camera that her cunt needs a good fucking, we'd be damned if every one of our readers wouldn't want to be in the stud's place.

Athena is the blonde brickhouse fuck doll from Charleston, South Carolina that we would give our left nut to bone. She's thick as fuck, has an ass that could crack walnuts, and a come-fuck-me stare that could revive a corpse.

Jessica is a shy 19-year-old cutie from Kiev, Ukraine. Okay, she doesn't seem shy when she spreads her cunt and flashes her tits, but the demure smile on her face when she's doing that makes her seem bashful anyway.

Vienna is an 18-year-old from Norman, Oklahoma. This blonde babe still has baby fat in her cheeks. In her pictorial she's wearing tennis shorts, tube socks, and canvas tennis shoes. Somehow she still makes it seem sexy.

Samantha has a hairy cunt, but it's trimmed and manageable. She's from Des Moines, Iowa, has long, braided, brunette hair, and she's stripping her plaid skirt and long socks in the kitchen before she masturbates right on top of the counter.

Candy is our redheaded Bush Baby from Moscow, Russia. She's got cute freckles, nice tits, shapely legs and panties full of wild, curly hair. What more could you want?

Kelsey is a 19-year-old stripper from Winchester, Maryland whose boyfriend convinced her to show off her tiny, teen body in a porno magazine. That was probably a mistake, but we're not worried about it!

Lexi is a teenager. She has braces. She's skinny, has perky tits and a dirty mouth, and she's fucking on-camera for the first time. The Leesburg, Virginia native can barely make J-Mac's fat cock fit in her cunt.

Sabina will melt your heart and tighten your slacks. She's a knockout 20-year-old vocal coach from Orlando, Florida. She's a brunette stunner with 32C-cup tits, hard nips, and a pussy that'll make you drool.

Jia is a skinny, young redhead from Prague, Czech Republic. She's thin and wet, and she's masturbating just for you.

Paisley is a spoiled brat from Beverly Hills, California. Her dad pays for everything in her life, but she just wants to piss him off. Spreading her cunt, pinching her nipples, and fingering herself to an orgasm for a porno mag should do the trick!

Maddie just turned 18. She's a blonde college chick from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and she wanted some adventure, so she sent in her pictures.

What's not to love about Daisy? She's the chubby-cheeked blonde schoolgirl from San Diego, California who lifts her gingham skirt, shows off her plump butt, and then sucks our stud's cock until he's ready to dick her to orgasm. She gets her pretty face absolutely plastered by his jizz.

Magazine Format:
Print Digital
SKU: NN0918

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