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We packed so much quality pussy in this issue, we decided to rank the girls by their best assets. See who won best tits! Who has the prettiest pussy? Speaking of quality pussy, what's prettier than a freshly fucked amateur's cunt and asshole? How about a dozen of them lined up in front of you? Our Dozen Gaping Holes Special is sure to please you poon-hounds. Plus, we've got a 60-second workout you can do to achieve better erections. As usual, there's every kind of girl-next-door: black, white, hairy, young, old, blonde and redheads--fucked and spread.

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Riley from Tampa is a tiny blonde teen wearing the skimpiest bikini you've ever seen. Watch her oil up her nubile, flat chest and finger her tight cunny.

Ariana is a beautiful black girl from Arizona. She's got long, toned legs and her firm, natural titties are perfection. Her long, curly hair smells like does her pretty lil' pussy!

Anastasha is a raunchy little fuck-bunny from Australia. You'll cream when she spreads her butt cheeks and shows off her pink butthole.

Luna, from Sioux Falls, South Dakota is a free-spirited hippie chick with a couple of tats and neatly-trimmed pussy hair.

Jasmine's got a booty! It's a perfectly smooth peach shape, and she's lathering it up with soap in a steamy shower show.

Scarlett flashes! She starts out outdoors and then gives you a private pussy party where you're the only guest. She's got pretty large tits and she pinches her nips until they're perky and pink.

Anastasia is from Boise, Idaho. What was she doing in Miami? Riding a big-dicked stud with a rod the size of her fuckin' shin! The tiny blonde stretches her legs behind her head and does some yoga poses while her pussy lips grip the shaft. You've gotta see the centerfold pic!

Febe is a newb from Florida. She contacted us because we're the only name in amateur porn shy girls like her can trust. Watch her spread her butt cheeks and finger her wet pussy poolside.

Izabella is a French bisexual girl with come-fuck-me eyes and a make-you-crazy body. She's long, slender and stacked.

Ava is another little teen with red hair--our favorite type of teen. She's adorable, but the shit she told us in our interview made us blush!

Cecilia is from Chicago. She's a redheaded slut who had her pics taken by her friend-with-benefits. Her friends would freak if they found out, but we'll keep her secret, right?

Bush Baby Nina has thick, dark hair, so you know her bush is going to impress you. The very first page of her pictorial is an up-skirt shot that'll make you fans of hairy girls cum in your pants. Her thick, honey-scented fur sticks out the sides of her thong.

Housewife Carrie is 50, but she's still got it! She describes her active sex life, her favorite positions, and even offers advice for younger guys looking for cougar hunt.

Vienna has chubby cheeks, wide eyes and perky, little tits. She's an eager-looking fuckdoll who, when she takes our stud's cock into her mouth, still looks adorable. Watch her get spread wide open, fucked, fingered and then coated in jizz.

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