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Start out 2017 with a bang! Covergirl Haley is obsessed with fat cocks. She wants them to fuck all of her holes--even her butt. Blaire is a beautiful 18-year-old babe who works at a candy shop in Virginia. You'll adore her completely shaved pussy and puckered asshole. In the mood for bush? How about Cheryl, 22, from London? Her pubes run down to her thighs and up to her belly button! We've also got pictures of her hairless for all you hairless horn dogs. Alex fucks a big dick and makes her butthole gape wide open; Kimber is a 43-year-old MILF with short hair and tattoos; and Maya is a teenage, biracial dream girl with chocolate skin and dark nips. We've got 33 amateur girls in all! Plus, two Amazonian babes over six-feet-tall are here to pleasure your cock.

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Haley, 19, from Orlando, is 5'10," wears 32B-cup bras and would rather not wear panties. Why? The blonde cutie (seriously, she's adorable) says that underwear just gets in the way of fucking. She's an anal freak, and she's spreading her pink pussy and butthole just for you.

Kelly is a 24-year-old lifeguard from Chicago. She considers herself an exhibitionist and a group-sex enthusiast. She's grabbing both cheeks and spreading wide for the camera.

Blaire is from Lynchburg, Virginia. She's just 18, and you can tell by looking at her. She's fresh out of high school and ready to make an impression. She's 6'1" tall, 150 pounds, and she's not going to be an amateur for long. See her first-ever porno photos before anyone else!

Narlie, 22, is from Lake Worth, Florida. She's a psychology major in college. She has fully analyzed why she's into the kinky shit she enjoys in the bedroom. It's a hell of a read.

Elena lives in Vancouver, Washington. She's another six-footer ready to pleasure your dick. For her porno debut, she's examining her young pussy in a mirror to show off every angle. Her cunt is smoother than a sheet of glass on ice.

Maya is a biracial babe from Vallejo, California. This dog sitter digs sun, fun, and having her caramel-colored cunt licked and fucked.

Vanessa, 24, from Torrance, California is taking on a big porno-sized cock for the first time. She tries to deep-throat it, but it's too big! Our stud licks her cunt, tongues her asshole, and slams his entire shaft into her vise-like clam. She cums on the dick. He cums on her face. It's beautiful.

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