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These schoolgirls are out of control! They have no tits and no shame! Kylie fucks her principal to get out of trouble for smoking at school. Rachel seduces a teacher with her flat chest so he'll pick her as class president. Blonde Madison streaks at school. Covergirl Bunnie races to her afterschool job so she can peel off her uniform and cum on her boss' desk! We don't know what's gotten into these girls...but we like it. Plus sexy Hailey gets her tight pussy stretched by a cock. Beautiful Ariana plays with a big dildo in front of a mirror. And way more flatties and teen tarts!

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Some girls like to swallow, and some like to spit. But the six girls of Jizzed Teens 4 like cum sprayed all over their faces. Though inexperienced, they suck and fuck to the best of their abilities because they want the biggest load possible. Best of all, they're all flat and tight.

Covergirl Bunnie is a tight-bodied, pointy-nipped babe with a naughty side. She takes off her schoolgirl uniform to cum on her boss' desk.

Madison is a super-flat softball player who goes to second base with you. But it won't be long till you see her hitting a home run.

If you like sexy brunettes with perky tits and pale, creamy skin, Hailey is your girl. This cutie is practically getting split in half by a big, fat cock, and then she sticks out her tongue to catch his load.

Kylie gets caught smoking at school, and the principal needs to teach her a lesson...with his cock. She sucks his cock and balls in his office, and then rides him like a naughty cowgirl. That'll teach her.

Rachel really wants to be class president. Fortunately, the teacher counting the votes likes flatties with tight pussies. Rachel sways him with her tight holes and barely-there boobs.

Angelina is a cute Euro chick with tiny boobs and puffy nipples. She's playing with her hairless, pristine pussy in her dorm room.

Blondie Madison looks proper in her button-down top and pencil skirt, but that goes out that window once she gets naked at school. Hot shots of her teen body and spread, little pussy.

Li has C-cup boobs, meaty pussy lips and the face of a teen angel. Her full chest is the perfect landing spot for your jizz.

We close out the book with another teen beauty--Ariana. She has a pretty doll face, slender body and perky, tan-lined boobs. She fucks herself with a big dildo in front of a mirror.

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